Term 2

Monday 3 July

Food for thought/Whakataukī (proverbs) :
Mauria te pono    Believe in yourself


Please start saving for year 4 camp, which is 6 September - 8 September. If you start saving $10 from here on you will have saved $110 towards the cost of camp, $20 per week will give you $220- something to think about. We will aim to put out a ballpark figure for camp for parents and tamariki before the end of the term.
At the end of the week an email will go out to all parents of year 4 children giving them more information about camp - approximate cost, gear list and list of activities. 

This week:
All about ART!!
We thought that this week we wanted to get a start, and hopefully finish, on our calendars. 
We were reading a book in the library last week and we loved the illustrations, so we have decided to take our inspiration from there.
It also fits in well with 'change' as it is all about paint techniques and mixing colours.
Our inspiration is from " The Little Kiwi's Matariki" and "Ruru's Hangi" oth of these books have delightful tales written and illustrated by Nikki Slade Robinson. 
They have fabulously textured backgrounds and beautiful, almost comical bird characters. 
Today we learned the painting techniques of dragging, dotting and blending. We have only used 4 colours so far and we have textured pieces to put together for a background. 

We will let you know when they are finished so that you can come in and view them - and maybe order lots of calendars and cards.

The other main activities we are doing this week in literacy are reading and writing based on the book "The Day The Crayons Quit" by Oliver Jeffers. We are all working on our own interest activities and displaying them straight onto a display.

In maths we are working on counting in 10's and multiplication.
We know that multiplication is 'groups of', 'times', 'sets of', 'doubling' and 'times tables'. It involves skip counting, repeated addition and multiplication and division facts.

Monday 26 June
Our Whakatauki this week :
Titiro, Whakarongo, Korero
Look, listen then speak.
We discussed this today and are going to be mindful about when it is a good time to talk, about listening thoughtfully to each other's ideas and opinions. We think the word 'think' needs to be added to the saying.

We continue to present our Inquiries to the class. 
We are learning about presenting the ideas, research and discoveries without reading the poster or book to the class. We are learning to think outside the box when we present and come up with a creative way to engage our audience. 
We will keep adding any completed posters and books to look at.

Please start saving for year 4 camp, which is 6 September - 8 September. If you start saving $10 from here on you will have saved $110 towards the cost of camp- something to think about. We will aim to put out a ballpark figure for camp for parents and tamariki before the end of the term.

We will be learning to 'recraft' our writing over the next couple of weeks. This means we will be thinking of ways to add impact to our writing. This could be in the form of similes, metaphors, alliteration, personification, inspiring verbs and adjectives. We might look at different ways to start our sentences and build up images in our audience's minds.

In reading we are learning about synonyms and antonyms. We will also be reading an awesome book called 'The Day the Crayons Quit'. 

Today we had the opportunity to share our maths learning with buddies from O3 (year 5 and 6). What fun it was making connections with other tamariki in our VLC. 

Friday 23 June

I wonder how a RAINBOW changes place after the rain? Bailiey

I wonder why numbers change if we add them... Toma

Monday 19 June

This week we will be finishing and sharing our Personal Inquiries which we have worked very hard on and I hope to upload a photo or 2 each day showing our learning. Each tamariki has chosen their own wondering to inquire about using our process of:

Check in every coupe of days to see how we are doing. Leave us a comment.

Monday 12 June
Fantastic to see these (and a few other) gorgeous girls celebrated at our assembly on Friday.  Including our very own SKYE!
GOLD medal in the championships in Hawaii. What a terrific effort and achievement! Congratulations - the many hours of work paid off.

Last week: 
We learned about similes and metaphors and started to use them in our writing to make it more interesting and inviting for the readers. We learned that there are many examples of similes and metaphors in popular music. If you find any good examples then please send them in for us to share.
We also made OOBLECK! Is it a solid or is it a liquid? One suggestion was that it is a SLIQUID. Great creative ideas flowing in O1.

This week:
We will be learning more about writing up our investigations and information reports. We want to try to publish some of these on our blog so please keep checking in to see our progress. The tamariki have many exciting WONDERS for their INQUIRIES.

We continue to explore estimating and finding the difference between two numbers.
We all really need to practise our basic facts and doubles as knowing these will let us discover different strategies to use when adding and subtracting larger numbers.

Matariki: Matariki signifies the beginning of the new year in Maori Culture. This year we celebrate from 10 June through to 25 June. There are many ways to celebrate this time and much of it can involve our whanau. 
We are asking the tamariki to collect whanau traditions, legends and stories from their own culture or backgrounds and retell them in their own words. Please talk to your tamariki about family traditions and stories that you have or have been passed on to you so that we can get a better understanding of where we all come from. 
Bike skills:
We have been learning how to brake safely, put our left foot on the ground first and take off from the right foot. This is part of our road safety section as if tamariki get into the habit of braking, left foot then right foot they are less likely to fall into the line of traffic when and if they go on the road. 
We have also been practising looking over our shoulder while riding straight ahead. Tricky but we are achieving our goals.

Monday 29 May

Didn't we look absolutely fabulous in our wigs and mufti day raising money for Westpac Rescue Helicopter. Thanks O1 for really getting into the spirit of things.

Last week we celebrated our learning in style. All O1 tamariki worked very hard on a presentation for their whanau that showcased their learning. So much effort and dedication went into these Slide presentations that every child should give themselves a pat on the back and feel very proud of their achievements. It just shows how far we have come this year in our reading, writing, maths and social learning and how much we can now do on our Chrome Books.

This week:
Reading: Back to regular groups this week and retelling Maori legends in detail. We will be learning to retell using lots of expression. We will also be working on our Learning Goals that we set last week.

We will be talking about writing for our audience. 
Who are we writing this for?
Do I have to use different language for different ages of our audience?
We will also be adding detail to our writing.
We have all been learning to type properly so that we can achieve more on our Chrome Books. Please ask your children how many words they can type in 10 minutes - it's pretty amazing to see the progress they have made since the beginning of the term.

We are continuing our exploration of addition and subtraction. We will be solving some tricky word problems, too, using many strategies. 

Bike Riding:
Tomorrow (Tuesday) we have an expert coming for the afternoon to work with us in upskilling our braking skills to make us safer when riding. we might even get to learn some tricks.

E-Learning: please come along and check out what we are doing with our e-learning. 
  • On Wednesday 31 May from 6.30 to 7.30pm in the school staffroom there will be a parent information evening presenting how we are progressing on our journey with e-Learning. The agenda for the evening will be:
- What we have achieved so far!
- Teacher tools.
- Google Apps for Education.
- Student tools for learning - sites / apps.
- The SAMR model for integrating technology.
- Good sites for learning at home.

Monday 22 May

This week is all about CELEBRATING OUR LEARNING!

O1 are learning how to share their learning with their whanau. Each tamariki has made a GOOGLE SLIDE presentation showing what they know, what they are learning and what they are proud of in Reading, Writing and Maths. We would LOVE to see all our whanau there for us to 'show off'!
Please make an appointment to come and share their pride and excitement. If you have not already done so got to www.schoolinterviews.co.nz and enter the code: k23pp 

We are also continuing our Inquiry into change, chemical change, states of matter and will shortly be 'taking off' on our own discoveries. Please talk plenty with your tamariki so that they can share any experiments we have done. 

Monday 15 May

Happy Mother's Day

Last week:
Last week the "TUNING IN" (kicking off) phase of our inquiry into "CHANGE" continued with a few experiments. In groups we made JELLY and each group had a different variable in their recipe so that we could see if changing little details will affect the outcome of our experiment.
Our different variables were:
1. Control - followed packet directions properly
2. Heat - only used boiling water
3. Cold - only used cold water
4. Room temperature for water and setting
5. Freezing jelly to set
Please have a conversation with your tamariki about which group they were involved in and what they discovered.
On Friday we also made ice cream without using an ice cream maker. Messy, shaky and a whole lot of fun.

This week:
This week we are mainly working on preparing for our Learning Celebrations next Wednesday 22 May. If you haven't made an appointment yet please do so, so that your tamariki can be proud of their learning and show off a little bit.

This week we are retelling legends that were referred to in the Moana song, 'You're Welcome'. 
We are looking them up, reading several versions then retelling the story in our own words using Google Slides.

We are taking snapshots of our maths learning to share with you next week. 

We are moving on to the "Finding Out" phase of our Inquiry into change. This means we are starting to find out why things happen.
* Why does baking soda react with vinegar?
* What happens when we add salt to ice? Why do they sprinkle it on roads after it snows?
Why does applying heat to jelly liquid make it set better?

Looking forward to another fun week in O1.

Monday 8 May

Last week:
Last week we had a lot of fun with ice.
What are the 'states of matter?'
Can you change a liquid into a solid?
Ask your child what we discovered.

This week:
We are discussing and talking about 'retelling stories in detail and in sequence'. 
Today we have looked at the Maori legends mentioned in the Moana song, 'You're Welcome'. We will be researching these and learning how to retell them in our own words so that others enjoy listening to us tell stories.


What is an effective way of counting a large quantity of objects?
Why do we need to be able to count objects?
What is estimating and when can you use it?
These are all some of the questions we will be looking at in maths this week. We are starting the week with the 'One Minute Challenge'

We are 'tuning in' to our science topic of 'CHANGE'.
Last wee we looked at the states of matter and their properties.
Over the next term we will be observing, describing and comparing physical and chemical properties of common materials and changes that occur when materials are mixed, heated or cooled. We will be carrying out experiments to test ideas, hypothesise, compare, inspire and be excited about. 
This week we are making jelly and slime.

Learning Celebrations:

Have you booked a time to come in and celebrate your child's learning on 24th May? 
This is a time for our tamariki to show you what they are learning, what they are proud of and where they are heading in their learning.

Kia ora te whanau O1
This week we will be setting up our routines for Literacy, maths, PE and Inquiry.

Over the next few weeks we will be working on getting the tamariki ready to confidently tell you about their learning and their next learning steps. Have you booked a time to let your child lead your through what they are proud of yet? If not , please do. Every child deserves the opportunity to show off and tell you how amazing they are at school.

We will be revisiting and talking about our ORCA values. Please keep asking your child what these are and how they can show that they understand them.

What is our motto and what does this mean to us?
'To be the best we can be'

Our vision: How do we use these to help us make us the best we can be?
Connect - Hono
Challenge - Whakatara
Empower - Whakamana

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